Small Bucket $8.00
Medium Bucket $11.00
Large Bucket $ 13.50 

Small Premium Tee Bucket $8.75
Medium Premium Tee Bucket $11.5
Large Premium Tee Bucket $14.50


All rates are subject to change without notice.

Senior rates 65 and older weekdays before 4pm. Senior rates do not apply to any other specials, membership packages, or discounts. It is our policy not
to ask if you are a senior...and don't worry, we won't card you.


Monday- Friday: Open 7 am until 10 pm
** will stay open to 11 pm if people present

 Saturday: 7 am- 10pm 
  ** will stay open to 11 pm  if people present 

Sunday : Open 7 am until 10 pm
** will stay open later if people present

(262) 243-5711.