We have three simulators at Missing Links! Take your pick...

1) Lesson instructor Scott Applby simulator (Skytrack and Flight Scope)

•    Scott has two simulators in his spacious lesson studio that he keeps open year round. There are plush couches and amenities to help you enjoy indoor winter golf practice. The Simulators provides realistic results that compare accurately to your actual shot-making ability. Brought to you at an affordable price - practice, play,  and be entertained with this unique golfing experience.

•    Call Scott Appleby at 414-467-6618 for more information or reservations.

2) Scratch Golf Shop Trackman Simulator Call 262-955-1314

•    The name "Trackman simulator" says it all. Considered by most to be the Cadilac of all golf simulators and ball flight tracking systems is now a permanent amenity in the Scratch Golf Shop at Missing Links.

•    The simulator is available for league play or indoor practice ANYTIME!

•    Contact Serena Pollack at 504-339-6025